Thursday, August 20, 2015

*Flat* Rebekah's Boot Cuffs

As fate would have it, my most popular post is the first pattern I ever wrote. This was nearly three years ago, but I still get questions about my boot socks. The most popular question I get is how to knit them flat. It's not too difficult of a translation to make, but since so many people have asked about it, I am going to just make a separate post and knit some up flat. 

Rebekah's Boot Cuffs: The Seamed Version

Level: easy-peasy

Stitches used:
k - knit
p - purl
RT - knit as if to knit 2 stitches together, without slipping off the needle, then knit the stitch closest to the end of the needle once more and slide both stitches off the needle

Yarn: Aran, I'm using Lion Brand Wool-ease in Oxford Gray

Needles: size US 10

For sizing: if you want these to fit your legs exactly, you will need to knit a swatch to see your gauge then measure your leg circumference and do some math. Cast on the closest multiple of 3. With this being said, these have a good deal of stretch to them due to the ribbing, but every person knits differently.

CO 48 (or your closest multiple of 3, I have chicken legs, so I cast on 42)

row 1: *k2, p1*
row 2: *k1, p2*
row 3: *RT, p1*
row 4: *k1, p2*

Repeat these rows until your cuffs measure the desired length. Seam them up and wear them out with your favorite boots.

I'm particularly partial to wearing them with my combat boots. I think they add a sort of feminine touch to a more tomboyish shoe, and as I'm pretty girly, I will find and use any way to girl things up (give me floral or give me death).

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  1. How can you knit these with 1 round needle and what size wuld be needed? size and would yarn stay the same if you changed needles to 2 round

    1. I do have a pattern for knitting these in the round. I am not familiar with the magic loop method since I've never felt the need to stray from my trusty doublepoints, but from what I understand it should be doable.

  2. Thank you very much. I LOVE Straight needles. I very rarely use circulars and I have never used doublepoints.

    I am just a bit confused on RT stitch.

    Thank You.


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