Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Wannabe Wednesday

So this weekend I came down with a nasty case of strep throat. I was running a fever of 103.6 and was so out of it due to fever that I got lost on my way home from work. The doctor prescribed me a hefty dose of antibiotics, some ibuprofen for fever, and Vicodin for pain. I also got 3 days off work and strict bed-rest orders. Don't leave the house, don't leave your room, don't get out of bed. And when the Vicodin didn't have me describing to my best friend how her aura was warm and brown and earthy like dirt, I was left feeling a little bored.

So I turned to my usual boredom fixer (and ultimate procrastination destination) Pinterest. This is where I stumbled upon this lovely picture of a turban headband:

It was love at first sight. I immediately did a reverse-image search on google (technology these days, what a time to be alive). Unfortunately, this left me with little to nothing. I got two pages of other people's pinterest boards and a little message saying that google had not detected any other sizes of this image.

Not to be dismayed, I turned to my handy-dandy friend ravelry and searched for "turban headband." I found a few pages of lovely turban-style headbands, but none that looked quite like this. 

Fortunately, I'm handy with a pair of needles and had a little ball of yarn I had been dying to use up. As it seems to be the case with me, this was yarn gifted to me sans tags, so I haven't the slightest idea what to tell anyone who is interested in it. It had such lovely colors, pretty purple and yellow and pink that reminded me of a fancy fortune-teller at the fair or something. As this is a turban headband, I thought that was perfect.

And so today I bring you my pretty Fortune Teller Turban Headband.

Level: easy

Yarn: worsted weight

Needles: size US 8, 5.0mm (or whatever, really the pattern can be easily modified)

CO 90 (or whatever you need to fit around your head)

row 1  (right side): purl
row 2 (wrong side): knit
row 3: purl
row 4: knit
row 5: purl
row 6: knit
row 7: purl
row 8: knit
row 9: purl
row 10: purl (bold for emphasis so you don't miss it)
row 11: knit
row 12: purl

repeat rows 1-12 until you have the number of bumpy purl bands that you want (I chose to do 5). Sew up the sides and wrap your leftover yarn around that sewn bit to hide your seam and make that bunchy-turbany goodness.

Here's a picture of the final product. If anyone does ever find out where that original photo came from or if there's a pattern attached along to it, do let me know. Otherwise, it will be a happy mystery. And to finish things off, a copycat photo.

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  1. Love it. Going to knit one, too. Thanks for posting your pattern.

  2. Just wondering how you would make this using circular needles. I have an idea but you're thought were be appreciated!

    1. For circular needles, you'd knit 9 rows, purl 3 rows, repeat until the desired length.

  3. I have been searching for the same pattern from that Pinterest photo!!! Small world, great minds think alike, yada yada yada! Thanks so much for working the pattern out!