Thursday, December 20, 2012

Herringbone Tutorial

I love herringbone. I think it's a lovely stitch, a bit old-timey, but in a good way, ya know? An oldie-but-goodie. I've been wanting to knit something in this stitch for a long time. The Purl Bee has an absolutely gorgeous herringbone cowl that I've been dying to try. In the mean time, though, I thought up a quick pattern for a lovely headband that I should be posting Saturday.

Now on the pattern for the herringbone cowl, there are instructions for knitting herringbone in the round. There aren't, however, instructions on how to knit herringbone flat. Since my headband will be knit flat, I've decided to preface it with a detailed picture tutorial on how to knit the stitch. It is a bit tricky to just read and understand, which is why I thought this necessary.

So let's get started! It is important to knit herringbone loosely, and you generally use larger needles than you normally would for the weight of yarn. I am using a category 3, dk weight yarn with size 10 knitting needles.

Stitches are numbered in red. New stitches will be numbered in green. (Christmas colors for the Holidays!)

Begin as if to knit two stitches together through the back loops. 

Instead of slipping both stitches off the needle, slip only the first one, leaving the second still on the needle.

Repeat again, going as to knit two together through the back.

 Slip off only the first loop of the two knit together.

Repeat. At the end of the row, knit the final stitch as normal.

The reverse side will be worked similarly. Begin as if to purl two together.

Only slip off the first loop of the two stitches knit together, leaving the second.

Repeat. At the end of the row, purl the last stitch as normal.

This is how the wrong side will look.

And this is how the right side will look.

And here's a preview of Saturday's headband pattern!

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